Why Choose Us?


We'd like to show you that your best choice for your pilot study courses (whether you are a student pilot or a Training Organisation) is with us.

But first: Who are we and what do we do?
We're Easy PPL Groundschool, part of Easy PPL - a CAA authorised training organisation (DTO.0357), and we provide online training courses for student pilots and licensed pilots alike! Every student pilot has to study in order to take some theoretical knowledge official exams as part of learning to fly, and every licensed pilot needs to keep up to date, or will need further training to achieve additional qualifications. Even though our courses are online, we provide each and every user personal one-to-one instructor support as and when required by each and every one of you. Our courses, our teaching style, and our personal approach continue to make us the market leader with an outstanding reputation backed by superb independant reviews.

To help you out with introductions, you might like to take a look at this little advert that describes in a nutshell what we do, and then you can carry on reading below!

So here's a few reasons why to choose us (compared to other providers)

  • All of our courses are CAA Approved
    Easy PPL provide courses for both the flying training and the theoretical knowledge training for licences. All of our courses are CAA approved. And what's more, by using our theoretical knowledge syllabus in conjunction with our flying training syllabus, you'll get the best of both worlds. All of our training material includes best practice and tips and tricks to make your learning and remembering so much easier! You can see our CAA credentials at the CAA website - just click on the little down arrow against "Current List of CAA Approved Training Programmes".

  • We are the best online provider
    Easy PPL Groundschool have been in the pilot online ground school business for over 10 years. That means we have a huge amount of experience in not only the subject matter (in fact over 50 years combined experience there), but also means we are experts in the specific task of writing and presenting online courses. We know how to teach each of the subjects in an effective way. You dont need to look any further than our results our students are obtaining - first time passes in the high 90 % bracket! In fact many many students achieve 100 %.

  • Our study material is up to date
    Without doubt, we know that Easy PPL Ground school material is absolutely up to date (unlike some others we could mention). We regularly update both our courses and question banks as soon as we know changes have been made to legislation, or new topic areas are being used in the official exams. We a update our material in light of new best practices as they become published from the regulator or trusted aviation organsiations such as AOPA, GASCo, CHIRP or the AAIB (for example). We do this on a daily basis - not weekly or monthly. We dont need to go through committees of large organisations to make sure you have the most up to date material to hand. Whats more when we make a change to our material those changes are available immediately!

  • Personal Instructor Support
    Whilst some organisations offer "weekly seminars", that's not quite as good as us! We offer one to one personal instructor support to every student on our system when you need it. You dont need to wait for seminars to be arranged that may have many many students attending!

  • We offer statistical analysis for students and organisations
    We've got both student, organisation and question bank statistics and have had for some considerable time. What's more, a Training Organisation can interrogate our system to gather those statistics, right down to subjects per student to see not only how a student is performing with the progress and end of course exams, but even more importantly (and totally uniquely to us) a breakdown of how long a student is studying each subject for!

  • We can guarantee organisations get paid for getting students to use the system
    Organisations can receive commission from us for every course a student purchases theough that organisations version of Easy PPL Groundschool. We have Training Organisations receiving over £600 per month commission - for doing nothing other than getting their students to use their own branded version of the Easy PPL Groundschool system! Want to know more as a Training Organisation? Click here!

And that's just for starters. Don't forget that Easy PPL Groundschool also offers:

If you want to see all of our courses, just Click Here! or, make use of our Course Wizard if you're not sure which course is right for you!

Don't just take out word for it. We (Easy PPL Ground School) have over 12,000 very happy students using us. And many of them have written outstanding reviews that you really ought to have a look at if you are seriously considering studying with any other provider!

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